logo design for nonprofit fundraiser, SECU Family House Men Who Cook

Event Logo and Print Advertising for Nonprofit, SECU Family House and Their Annual Men Who Cook Fundraiser

SECU Family House

SECU Family House provides a safe, nurturing, affordable home for patients and their loved ones who travel for life-saving procedures and serious illnesses. Men Who Cook — an annual fundraiser — raises enough money to rent out the entire 45-bedroom house for one month.

The Design Challenge

When SECU Family House decided to host a grand-scale fundraiser, they needed an event logo incorporating their existing corporate brand mark. The fundraiser, Men Who Cook, invites prominent professionals from the community to become guest chefs. Creative Force designed a promotional campaign/logo around a chef icon.

The Family House requested additional graphic design projects to market and fulfill their program, including save-the-date mailers, direct-mail invitation, print advertisements and multi-page event program.

Event Promotions and Program Fulfillment

  • Event logo
  • Save-the-date mailer
  • Direct-mail invitation
  • Magazine and newspaper advertisements
  • Event program
nonprofit fundraising event invitation graphic design
advertisement design for nonprofit fundraising event
graphic design for nonprofit fundraiser event program, SECU Family House Men Who Cook