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Story Telling and Promotional Program for Piedmont Tax Clinic

Piedmont Tax Clinic

Piedmont Tax Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to solving taxpayers’ problems through information, education and consultation. Consultants help clients maintain a healthy status with the IRS. When that status goes sour, the tax clinic will manage those disputes.

Piedmont Tax Clinic logo design

The Story Telling Challenge

Piedmont Tax Clinic (PTC) relies on referrals from other accounting firms to build their clientele. It was important to build trust with their competitors and communicate that PTC would only handle disputes that fall beyond the scope of the referring practice. Upon completion of the IRS resolution, PTC would return the client to the original practice, prepared to be in compliance going forward. 

Creative Force was tasked with creating a branded presentation strategy that would convey the client referral strategy in a manner that was non-threatening. We developed the memorable Lemon to Lemonade campaign, which stressed the fact that PTC would return the client — now in good standing with the IRS.

PTC was pleased with the campaign and decided to continue use of the message in additional marketing campaigns. The lemon theme and messaging was incorporated into copywriting and graphic design of a direct mail program and a presentation folder.

Brand Strategy Delivered

  • Brand strategy that is appropriate for two audiences — the referral source and the client 
  • Promotional product gift package
  • Presentation folder
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Grant request support materials
Piedmont Tax Clinic rack card graphic design
promotional gift package concept and design
Piedmont Tax Clinic pocket folder graphic design for printing
Piedmont Tax Clinic direct mail campaign graphic design