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At Creative Force, our mission is to target, fight and win your customers’ mindshare in print and cyberspace.

Target, fight and win market share. Creative Force helps businesses gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our arsenal includes smart strategies for branding, website design, print design and social media marketing.

Precision engagement is the essence of effective communications. You need to hit ‘em right between the eyes with a vision so riveting your audience can’t help but look. Then go straight for the heart with a message that concerns your audience. Finally, you command their next move.

Whether you want to drive dollars to your cash drawer, generate donations for your nonprofit or connect with your community…may the Creative Force be with you.

Leadership Team

Kristie Staton
Commander In Chief

Kristie Staton wears the badge of Commander in Chief, driving all creative operations to help outstanding organizations stand out. This idea machine is a creative force that is driven by results, yielding a measurable impact on organizations.

Kristie holds a degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Kristie’s career history includes exhibit design, creative direction, event and trade show marketing, project management, and client relationship development.

She has directed lead generating programs, social media activity, email and direct mail communications, advertising campaigns, trade show events and educational events.

(336) 407-5275

Gary Smith
Field Marshal

Gary Smith has had a successful career in marketing communications, delivering strategy, design and technology programs for business development and communications initiatives. Leveraging more than twenty-five years of experience, Gary applies a focused understanding of markets and opportunities to grow organizations, open new markets and solve problems. Gary has a keen sense of teamwork. He aligns himself with a talented team that thinks from the point of view of the end-user and stakeholders. He has been a valuable team leader and asset to nationally renowned brands including Wrangler, The Fresh Market, Lexington Furniture, Oakwood Homes, Mann’s Creative Designs, the Masonic Center of Winston Salem and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

(336) 210-2078

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