about creative force

Creative Force is ready to help your business target, fight for and win your customers’ mindshare in print and cyberspace.

With a muscular blend of brand messaging, print advertising and digital marketing, we shape your business into a brand that people can relate to and become passionate about.

It takes an array of superpowers to size up your business challenges. We come to the rescue with targeted marketing materials, mind-blowing strategies and fresh content. With messages too riveting to ignore, we swiftly and powerfully capture attention and engage your audience to convert them into loyal customers.

Whether you want to drive dollars to your bottom line, generate donations for your nonprofit or connect with your community, the Creative Force is with you.


Kristie Staton
Commander In Chief

Kristie Staton wears the badge of Commander in Chief, driving missions to help outstanding organizations stand out even more. And while you won’t find her wearing a cape, she’s an idea machine, a Creative Force wielding measurable impacts on organizations by getting results. She will listen carefully to your goals and work with you to surmount your challenges.

Armed with a degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Kristie’s career has included exhibit design, creative direction, website design, event and trade show marketing, project management and client relationship development.  She has directed lead generating programs, social media strategies, email and direct mail communications, advertising campaigns, trade show events and educational events.

With a proven and results-oriented track record, Kristie and her team are the right choice for your marketing and branding superheroes.

(336) 407-5275