We blast off with wild ideas, fueled by data rockets, landing on planets of success.

Our Process

How do you tell your story these days in a way that’s authentic and personal without being trite? That’s one of the biggest challenges in marketing, and this is where so many business owners end up feeling stuck and frustrated.

For us, the real joy of wrapping up a branding project is seeing a company finally feel proud to put themselves out there: bold because they know what to say, and enthusiastic because they have focus. Their next steps feel attainable.

It’s incredibly empowering to clearly verbalize what makes you different, and it gives you a stronger sense of ownership for your work. Being able to create that feeling for someone else is magic.

That all starts with some candid conversations about your process and your offerings. We get a sense of who you are, pulling those offerings back to their roots so we can more fully define them.

As your products or services are broken down this way, we can align them with an ideal customer’s interests.

In this way, the brand’s personality is discovered rather than engineered. That’s where authenticity comes from, and customers can pick that up right away.

The Right Tools to Capture Attention at All Stages of the Sales Cycle

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Brand Awareness

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Intrigue & Exploration

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Research and Demonstration to Spark Interest

After we compile the right data to know who we’re talking to and what’s driving them, we can develop the brand message and tagline. Those inform the overall messaging, populating the website, white papers, and other materials.

This discovery process proves you can be systematic while still crafting something customized.

At this phase of the sales process it’s all about first impressions, clarity, and sparking that first flame of interest.

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Converting That Interest Into Sales/Action

Next, we deploy the tools to leverage that interest. That bit of the toolbox includes things like optimizing the user interface: making sure it’s logically organized, isn’t overwhelming with choices, and allows users to navigate quickly and without too many clicks.

From there we can build out things like targeted landing pages for specific products and services, knowing that our clear messaging and optimized design will pair effectively to develop rapport and convert sales.

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Retention is all about staying in touch with those who have already done business with you, or those who follow your brand. It’s generally more efficient to continue marketing to those familiar with you than to acquire new customers.

Some of the best known ways of doing this include email newsletters, social media channels, and subscriptions. Handling each of these correctly requires finesse, but it’s smoother with a firm understanding of the previous phases of the brand.

Our Proven Method of Combat

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Hit ‘em right between the eyes with a vision that’s so riveting your audience can’t help but look.

But the aesthetic is only one (very important) part of the equation. If businesses are using lackluster written content, either stylistically or grammatically, it works against the whole.

Too often, businesses promote with self-centric copy that doesn’t acknowledge the customer’s needs or establish any genuine rapport. Our team packs some diverse disciplines, including extensive experience in copywriting that reads sincerely and personably without sacrificing professionalism.

When someone feels that we understand them and are confident that we can help solve their problem, they are very receptive to hearing their options.

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Go straight for the heart with a message that speaks directly to your audience’s concerns.

Creating an emotional brand experience involves a blend of creative and technical skills. It’s about not only grasping the nuances of color and attraction but also interpreting data and drawing insightful conclusions.

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Command their next move by directing their engagement — donate, enroll, or buy now.

The easier we can make it for a prospective customer to make a next move, the more readily they’ll leap. Calls to action can take a variety of forms, from newsletter subscriptions to making a phone call or registering for an event.

Making these decisions clear, easily accessible, and well-timed builds optimal chances that the reader will take that next step.

Honing an Artistic Lens for Branding

Kristie Staton, founder of Creative Force, a branding agency, website design and digital marketing company in Winston-Salem, NC

Kristie Staton
Commander in Chief

Kristie Staton
Commander in Chief

It takes a certain amount of boldness for a creative professional to call herself a creative force.

Kristie Staton has earned that title, and wears it with pride.

Kristie holds a degree in Industrial Design from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

She began her career in exhibit design, and has always been drawn to working in 3D.

Now, instead of walking visitors through a literal physical space, Kristie designs websites and graphics that move visitors through virtual spaces—in a marketplace that’s increasingly competitive and overcrowded.

But Kristie is more than a graphic designer. She’s a strategic thinker who designs marketing strategies that launch businesses in exciting new directions.

Every project is enhanced by Kristie’s track record in creative direction, event and trade show marketing, project management, and client relationship development. She brings this track record to projects such as directing educational events, lead-generating programs, social media campaigns, email and direct mail campaigns, advertising campaigns, and trade show events.

Kristie launched Creative Force with the goal of providing the individualized attention that a small branding firm can bring to each client. This small-but-mighty approach means each creative team member is hand-picked for the project. It means the client gets to deal directly with the person who is actually doing their work. It means the client typically gets what they asked for and more, and they get it quickly. This ensures nothing is lost in translation, and there’s less red tape, allowing them to put these creative solutions right to work for their business.