7 Tips to Make Your Marketing Messages Pop

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Communication Strategy, Marketing | 1 comment

7 Tips to Make Your Marketing Messages Pop

You’ve done your research to discover where to reach new customers. You created the perfect ad. And then you wait for the phone to ring or for people to flood through the doors. And then you wait…and wait some more.

Like many business owners, you may be wondering why your marketing message is not attracting the customers you want. You may be thinking you’re wasting money on advertising. If you fall in line with this mindset, it’s likely that your message falls short of getting attention from those who need your products and service the most.

The problem is what you’re saying. And what you’re NOT saying.

From promotions to social posts, print ads to website copy, you want your business’ marketing messages to ultimately land a sale. How? It’s all in your writing. With these seven tips, you can create sales inducing content that’s fit for any marketing material.


Get to the Point.

Most people have short attention spans and are bombarded with ads from all sources of media. It is of utmost importance to get to the point quickly with as few words as possible. The following suggestions cut through the noise and give your marketing the power to persuade and motivate your target market.


Say This, Not That.

1. Use Active Verbs

Active Verbs bring action and attention to the present. They are more persuasive and authoritative than passive verbs. Active verbs get to your point faster, with fewer words and are easier to read. Active verbs are more engaging and tend to hold your reader’s attention on your complete message.

Passive: At Ace Landscaping, we will keep your lawn tidy.
Active: Ace Landscaping keeps your lawn tidy.

2. Avoid Using “If”.

If adds uncertainty and doubt. Be definitive to retain your reader’s focus and confidence on your message.

If you want plumbing services, call Jones Plumbing.
Jones Plumbing provides expert plumbing services.

“If you’re thinking of buying my product,” is almost as bad as saying, “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in buying my product.”


3. Avoid Pronouns, Use Your Name.

Using your name indicates confidence in yourself and your business.

Our marketing services will get you noticed.
Bulldog Marketing gets you noticed.

4. Avoid Negatives.

Negative words and statements can tend to stall a positive momentum in the delivery of your message.

Stop losing money on your house.
Boost your home’s resale value.

5. Use Specifics

Communicate to a narrow audience segment. They will pay attention because you have identified their unique needs and provide a solution specifically for them.

American Tool Supply has a wide range of tools.
American Tool Supply carries tools to serve all mechanics needs.

6. Avoid Clichés and Over Used Sayings

Claim something that makes you stand out. If everybody can claim it or everybody uses it, it’s a cliché. If you show up as a “me too” business, your prospects may just as well buy from your competition.

“Full-service insurance company.” Who provides “half-service?”
“High-quality custom cabinetry.” Does your competitor claim “low-quality custom cabinetry?”
“We bake really fresh pies.” Is any company baking “stale pies?”

7. Create Pictures In Your Prospect’s Mind.

Imagine you have just arrived at your Villa in Tuscany. There’s a delicious bottle of red wine with nice crystal glasses to enjoy with your breath taking view of the Italian Countryside. Your destination is perfect and your travel has been seamless thanks to Wanderlust Travel.

A picture is worth a…well, a lot of text real estate.


Follow these simple rules to nail your marketing message and motivate your target market to take action.

“How do I know if my marketing messaging is working?”

When in doubt, look at your data.

For example, social media analytics can highlight your top-performing ads, posts and promotions to help you understand whether your messaging is landing. Based on these, you can optimize your messaging over time to ensure it’s relevant to your target audience.

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