How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images

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How to Increase Website Conversions Using Images

What is the first thing you look out for when shopping online for a specific product?

If your answer is appearance, then you are right! The main thing that motivates most online shoppers to make a purchase depends on the product’s visual appeal. The details come next.

According to a Google Consumer Survey carried out in 2019, 50% of shoppers declared that they decide what to buy online according to the images they see. When purchasing a product online, users like to examine it deeply. Unless you provide them with that satisfaction, there is no way they will buy a particular item. This is why pictures are essential on your website if you want to improve conversions.

Images offer many perks to online businesses. If your visitor like what they see, it’s an instant add to cart and checkout. Every professional recommends adding pictures to your online store that describe your product.

In this article, we will discuss helpful tips to increase website conversions using images. Excited to give your sales an unexpected boost? Here we go.


1.   Opt for Relevance

The first thing you must focus on is the relevance of the image you put on your site. There is a pool of choices, from stock images to your personal photography.

However, you need to find photos that go well with the website content and design. Make sure to display relevant pictures only to increase the probability of conversions. For instance, if your product is dog food, there is no point in posting pictures of humans holding dog food. Aim to post pictures with dogs looking happy and healthy eating that specific food brand.

Understand what the audience expects as soon as they click your products. Think about their emotions, gender and expectations before choosing/taking a picture.


2.   Image Quality

The quality of pictures you plan to use is a very important consideration. Selling a product with low-quality images means you are not giving an accurate and fair view of what it is all about. It is off-putting for the visitor, and they might leave your site without exploring further.

You don’t need a professional studio to take pictures. A phone with a high-resolution camera is enough to take high-quality photos. With a bit of editing, these pictures can make a memorable impression. Plus, users also like the personalized touch and aesthetics you leave by taking and modifying photographs yourself.

In case you don’t have original pictures, use stock photos. You need to ensure that the images are carefully shortlisted with an impression to drive conversions. Stock photos are usually good quality and come in a variety of sizes. However, some of them come with a price tag.

3.   Personalize the Picture Concept

Buyers want something they can relate to in their real life. No one wants to spend money on a product that seems irrelevant and unusable. Add personalized images and describe them in a way that hits all the right emotions. This will increase the visitor time on your site and ultimately compel them to make a purchase.

Personalized images stay longer in one’s mind than plain text. Think about brands like Maybelline. Their products are diverse for almost all skin types and colors. Apart from that, their motive to hire everyday women as campaign faces makes it more appealing to end consumers.

Users like things they can connect to. This is why you must consider adding images that reflect the real-life impact of your brand on its users. If you are using stock photos, you can also edit them to showcase your unique idea while speaking to the audience.


4.   Make Photos Responsive

We all know that all your users can’t be active from the same type of device. For this reason, it is necessary to provide them with a responsive platform that runs your content regardless of the device.

A website with responsive settings adjusts the graphics to fit the screen size. This enhances the user experience while shortening the webpage’s loading time. To do this, you will need to give a new value to the width of each picture. If unsure, you can consult your developer about creating a responsive website.


5.   Stay Active on Social Media

Your business needs social media handles as much as you do in your personal life. While websites take a lot of time to gain recognition, your business needs social media integration to give that feeling of being active and available. With the help of a regularly-updated social media profile, you can make a fan base and connect on a personal level.

Use your brand’s social media account to display your credibility. Post pictures of your workstation, who you are, ideas behind your business, and the latest trends in the market. Be confident and interactive rather than begging someone to go to your website. Remember that someone who likes you will automatically spend more time on social media and buy products.

Add pictures that visually create a difference and look attractive to the end-user. Consider your target audience’s age, gender, preferences, and region before picking a social platform. For instance, it is possible to get more conversions from Instagram or TikTok if your target audience comprises teens and young adults. Contrarily, older people look for things on Facebook. Having an online presence is mandatory to establish yourself as an industry expert, and great images on your social media can definitely aid its achievement.

6.   Website Image Optimization

If you want more conversions and better traffic on the website, consider optimizing the site. SEO is one of the critical components for long-term success on the internet. By optimizing the images, you can improve their ranking on SERPs.

To optimize your images, Google recommends that you describe the picture instead of just using a random name. When people search for that particular keyword, your photo can appear in the results.

Another thing to consider is the ALT tags. These have a significant influence and can enhance your website’s Google ranking. Focus on comprehensive detail such as product name and model number of a particular product. To improve quality, avoid keyword cramming.

Visitors take only six seconds to leave a website if the content doesn’t load properly. It is essential to reduce the size of pictures using a compressing tool readily available on the internet.



Images play a significant role in improving the performance of your website. To make sales, you need to use graphical content that increases conversions. In this article, we focused on different ways to boost conversations. We hope these techniques help you in creating effective conversions.